What is Performance Testing?

Performance testing is a crucial aspect of quality assurance in any technology-focused company, including Techsearch. It ensures that your software applications and systems meet the required performance standards and can handle the expected load and user interactions without performance bottlenecks or degradation.


Is Performance Testing Important?

Performance testing is of paramount importance in the software development and quality assurance process for several compelling reasons. Performance testing is a critical aspect of software development and quality assurance that directly impacts user satisfaction, business success, cost-effectiveness, and overall competitiveness. It helps ensure that software applications meet performance expectations and function reliably under various conditions, ultimately leading to improved user experiences and business outcomes


Types of Performance Testing

Volume Testing

Volume testing focuses on evaluating how an application handles large amounts of data.

Failover Testing

Failover testing evaluates how an application responds to hardware or software failures.

Load Testing

The goal is to identify response times and resource utilization under load.

Latency Testing

It measures the time it takes for data to travel between different components of the application. It is crucial for applications that rely on real-time data processing

Throughput Testing

Throughput testing measures the rate at which an application can process and deliver transactions or requests within a specified time frame.

Adaptive Performance Testing

Adaptive performance testing involves dynamically adjusting the load on the application during the test to mimic real-world usage patterns.

How Techsearch Helps?

End-to-End Performance More Accurately Than Ever Before

Ensuring high end user experiences and reduce the response time by fixing available defects.

Timely visual reports, logs and video in order to achieve testing goals.

Testing on real user experiences, hence real test case scenarios and on real devices.

Use private cloud, public cloud, hand-held device, or private data center, choice is all yours.