Automation Test Management

Automation test management refers to the processes and tools used to plan, design, execute, and analyze automated tests within a software development or quality assurance (QA) environment. Automation test management is an essential component of a robust software testing strategy, particularly in Agile and DevOps environments, where continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines demand efficient and automated testing.

By implementing automation test management effectively, organizations can achieve faster test execution, improved test coverage, reduced testing costs, and enhanced software quality. It allows for more efficient and reliable testing, which is essential in today's fast-paced software development landscape. And we here at Techsearch are very experienced.

Automation Test Environment Management:

Ensuring that the test environment closely resembles the production environment is crucial for reliable test results. Automation test management should address the provisioning and maintenance of test environments.

Test Execution:

Automated tests are executed using the chosen automation tool or framework. This phase involves running the test scripts on various configurations and environments to ensure comprehensive test coverage. Test execution may be triggered manually or as part of the CI/CD pipeline


Automation test management systems generate detailed reports and logs for each test run. These reports provide information about test case results, including pass/fail status, performance metrics, and any issues encountered during testing. Clear and informative reporting helps stakeholders make informed decisions about the software's quality.

Integration with CI/CD:

Automation test management should seamlessly integrate with the organization's CI/CD pipeline. We are experts in integrating your automation test environment with CI/CD pipelines.


Manual Test Management

Manual test management is a process in software testing where test cases are planned, designed, executed, and tracked by human testers without the use of automated testing tools or scripts. It involves the organization and coordination of testing activities to ensure that the software meets its quality objectives. Manual test management is an essential component of the software testing process, particularly in situations where automation is not feasible or cost-effective.

We here at Techsearch are experts in managing your complete test suite and keep up the quality of your software.

Manual testing management:

We are experts in defining and managing manual testing processes at every stage.

Test Planning:

Test planning involves defining the scope and objectives of testing, setting priorities, and allocating resources. Our team of experts work with other stakeholders to create a test plan that outlines the testing strategy, test objectives, timelines, and deliverables.

Test Case Design:

Our testers design robust and high value tests for your product that covers the end to end functionality of your application.

Test Progress Monitoring:

Our Test managers and leads monitor the progress of testing activities, track test execution status, and ensure that testing milestones are met.